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Payday Loan with the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands

Interest. The word is not out of the media in recent weeks. “The Instant Care Bank lowers interest rates.” “Savings generate less and less in interest.” “Historically low interest on your mortgage.”

We also have news regarding interest at Fine bank. From now on Fine bank can offer a personal loan with the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands!

What about interest again?


Interest is a term that many people know. Anyone who has ever put money in a savings account, or took out a loan or mortgage, knows the term. In fact, everyone who has ever learned to calculate with percentages has heard of interest.

Maybe you still know them? “Peter has 1000 dollars in savings and receives 5% interest per year. How much savings does he have after three years? ” I can still hear the brains of my classmates cracking!

Interest rates when borrowing money

As a Fine bank adviser, you have to deal with the term ‘interest’ on a daily basis. When money is made available to a consumer, a loan or a Fine bank, this is done at a certain interest.

The interest is the payment that the person taking out the loan pays to the person who makes the money available. This interest is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount: the interest rates.

Varying interest on borrowing

Varying interest on borrowing

Interest rates may vary from time to time. The amount of interest is due to many different factors.

With the introduction of E-Money Premium on 1 September, we at Fine bank can offer the lowest interest in the Netherlands. This interest rate applies to a personal loan with a loan amount between $ 15,000 and $ 50,000.

The fact that our interest rates are so low is partly due to an efficient collaboration between the Fine bank and E-Money.

Borrow with your own house

You are now wondering how low the lowest interest rate in the Netherlands is. For people with their own house who take out a loan with a maximum term of 72 months, we can offer an interest from 5.3% on a loan amount of $ 15,000. For a loan from $ 25,000, there is even an interest of 5.1%!

This means that a personal loan of $ 25,000 with a term of 60 months comes to a monthly amount of only $ 471.61. You won’t find any lower!

More loan benefits with E-Money Premium

Borrowing money from E-Money through the Fine bank offers even more benefits. The efficient cooperation between E-Money and Fine bank means not only an extra low interest, but also a faster processing of your Fine bank application.

Moreover, early repayment of a personal loan is now free of penalties! Compare that with other providers. Or let us do that for you: request a quote directly.