Instant credit without Credit bureau.

In order for a loan to be approved, the creditworthiness of the borrower must be correct, and his credit rating must also be assessed as positive. But for many loan seekers, these criteria are not met. Nevertheless, borrowers can now apply for an instant loan without Credit bureau within 24 hours.

The instant loan – quick and uncomplicated

The instant loan - quick and uncomplicated

If you want an instant loan without Credit bureau within 24 hours, the contact persons are the credit intermediaries. Such loans can almost only be managed through foreign banks based in Switzerland. Since Switzerland has no institution like the German Credit bureau, no Credit bureau query is carried out. No data is transmitted to the German Credit bureau, so that an anonymous instant loan can be obtained.

In order to receive an instant loan without Credit bureau within 24 hours, the credit intermediaries offer application forms on their websites. If the form is duly completed, the loan seeker will normally receive information within 24 hours whether and how much the loan application has been approved. However, since it is a somewhat complicated procedure, the loan amount can usually not be paid out within 24 hours.

If the borrower fulfills all the requirements for a loan, the contract will be sent to the borrower by post. This must be signed and returned with the required documents. Once the documents have been received by the bank, the money will be transferred to a checking account, but can also be paid out in cash on request.

The conditions for an instant loan

The conditions for an instant loan

The most important condition for an instant loan is monthly and regular income. This must be so high that it is above the attachable amount. In addition, the borrower must submit a permanent employment contract that lasts for at least 12 months. There is also the criterion that an immediate loan without Credit bureau is only granted to German citizens based in Germany.

In order to prove the required conditions, the borrower must send the signed credit documents with the wages or salary statements for the past two months and also a copy of the ID card. If these requirements are met, the borrower can in any case have a loan amount of 3,500 USD. If the income is correspondingly higher, larger loan amounts can also be approved.

If you opt for an instant loan without Credit bureau via the services of a credit intermediary, you should make sure that no advance payments are required. Such advance payments are usually dubious. In most cases, no credit is granted after the transfer of such advance fees. Reputable credit brokers only credit their commission after the transaction has been concluded, ie after the loan has been paid out.